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Please check out our documents section on Sharepoint where you will find a range of useful media documents to assist you in getting the best from Media Communications.


If you have any queries about Media and Communications, recruitment or publicity please contact:


North Region Media Communications Officer 

Squadron Leader Aaron O'Roarty 




To pool the knowledge, skills and expertise of people who are willing to help develop and deliver the North Region Media Strategy. 



The  North Region Media Team will be available to offer support to the Region and the Wings within it. We are looking to be able to offer a number of services as detailed below. 






The media team has a dedicated training team who will deceiver a basic 1 day squadron MCO training course. 


This course will cover the following areas:-


  • Photography

  • Social Media

  • Websites

  • Press Releases   

  • PR videos. 


This course is designed to give squadron MCOs a basic understanding of the role and some training in key areas in order to maximise the success each squadron can have around Media. 




The Region media team will also deliver 1 day bespoke training days that will concentrate on a specific area within Media in order to develop skills in a specific area of interest. These will be as per the MCO training courses:- 


  • Photography 

  • Social Media  

  • Website design and management 

  • Press releases

  • PR videos 




The media team will be there to answer any questions you may have around media. There is a Q&A section on sharepoint to post questions. 


The media team will also be posting some useful guidance on sharepoint to assist you in your roles around Media. 




The media Team will offer a dedicated “Go Team” who will be available to attend Wing and Regional events to offer support around media coverage of that event.  


The team will consist of the following:- 


Photographer(s) - We will send a dedicated photographer for the event who will provide coverage that event and make this available both to wing and Region MCOs for onward publication. 


Reporter - There will be a dedicated reporter for the event who will report  on the event using various platforms including live broadcast. They will gather quotes and interviews from those involved where appropriate. 


Social Media Manager - There will be a social media manager on the event who will manager all aspect of social media during the event and will utilise various social media platforms in conjunction with the reporter to get maximum exposure at the event. 


The team can be booked for any wing or region event by contacting the RMCO at 


The events team leader will also be proactive and be looking on sharepoint for suitable events and offering the services of a “Go Team”


Aaron O'Roarty

Squadron Leader 



Media & Communications Officer


North Region 


RAF Linton on Ouse 

North Yorkshire 

YO30 2AJ




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