There's a lot of information on this website to take in, so here are few quick questions we get asked all the time about joining the Air Cadets. If you have any further questions, don't be afraid to get in touch with us. Our details can be found on our 'Contact Us' page.

1. What sort of activities do RAFAC Squadrons do?

At RAFAC we get involved in a huge range of activities including flying, gliding, target shooting, adventure training, sports, camps, drill, academic studies and loads more! To find out more take a look at our 'What we do' page.

2. How old must I be to join?

You can join as a cadet at anytime from the start of Year 8 at School until the age of 17 years old. Once you have joined you are welcome to stay until the age of 18 years old. There is a possibility of continuing up until your are 20 as a Staff Cadet depending on some mandatory aspects being completed and with approval from your Squadron OC and Wing Commander.


Adult Volunteers can join us from the age of 20 years old.

3. When and where do Squadrons meet?

Squadrons usually twice a week on evenings from 19:00 to 21:30. Make contact with your local Squadron to find out exact times and days.

4. What kind of Camps do Squadrons go on?

At RAFAC we go on all sorts of camps. Every Spring and Summer we send a number of cadets on Annual Camps to RAF stations all over the country to spend a week learning about service life and having a go at all sorts of activities like flying, leadership exercises, shooting, as well as a lot of time to socialise and make new friends too.


We also send some cadets on overseas camps each year to Gibraltar, Germany, and Cyprus. These are more relaxed and are more about spending time exploring the local towns and socialising with cadets from across the country.


Cadets often go on the International Air Cadet Exchange. which can see cadets going to USA, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

5. Is it very strict?

The Air Cadet Organisation is a uniformed youth organisation that has an emphasis on standards of dress and behaviour. However, the focus is always on enjoying yourself while improving your skills with other young people.

6. How much does it cost?

Squadrons charge a monthly subscription and is normally between £10-20 but varies between squadrons, which is nothing considering the amount of activities you'll get to do free of charge like flying, gliding, shooting, hiking, leadership exercises, etc. These activites would cost a fortune outside of the Air Cadets. There isn't even a charge for the Uniform you will be issued with!

7. Do I have to buy my own uniform?

At RAFAC we will issue you with a full set of the uniforms you need at no charge. You will have to purchase your own Boots and Parade shoes though.

8. What about disabled people - can they join?

Absolutely! If you're disabled you are very welcome provided your handicap doesn't prevent you from taking part in a reasonable number of activities, or is likely to cause you safety problems. Feel free to get in touch to discuss more about this with our Squadron staff - our contact details can be found here.

9. Is it easy to get on with people and make new friends?

Everybody at RAFAC is very friendly and welcoming. You'll make life long friends, not only at the Squadron, but with cadets across other squadrons we work with and across the whole country!

10. How often do you get to go flying?

You can go at least once a year but as some cadets focus on other activities sometimes you can fly much more frequently, it’s fantastic! Many of our cadets have been on visits to RAF bases when they've been offered flights in service aircraft ranging from Chinook Helicopters to fast jets such as the Hawk T1.


When you reach the age of 16 you will have the opportunity to apply for a Gliding Scholarship. In just under a week you will be taught to pilot the Grob Vigilant aircraft and take to the skies on a solo flight to gain your wings! If you show real aptitude you may be awarded a Flying Scholarship and start building up some hours towards your Private Pilot's Licence!

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