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Following the introduction of the Cyber specialism within the progressive training syllabus, the Royal Air Force Air Cadets have established a week-long course to deliver the programme for the gold level of attainment: Advanced Cyber Specialist Qualification.

The course is delivered by the Royal Air Force No 1 Radio School at RAF Cosford, and with only two courses each year, for just 12 cadets the selection process for candidates is strict and demands high standards of achievement.

So, it was with delight that Corporal Jacob Stockwell found that he was to be the first cadet from 868 (Mirfield) Squadron to be selected for the course, which he attended in July.

This is a full “hands on” Cyber course delivered by professionals and is the culmination of Cyber training for cadets; it aims to deliver a high level of technical and practical learning through demonstration, presentation and participation covering a wide range of Cyber subjects, including:

•​What and where is the Cyber Environment.

•​The law as it applies to the Cyber Environment.

•​Hackers, hacktivism and Cyber criminality.

•​Social media and its dangers to persons and property.

•​How to defend against malware.

•​Information Management.

•​Common network protocol and attack vectors.

Jacob had this to say about his experience of the training: “The week spent at RAF Cosford was an amazing opportunity to not only meet people from all over the country and within cadets, but also to closely understand the real-life cyber space.

The advanced Gold cyber course is probably one of the only courses that can give you such close insight into how dangerous poor Cyber Security can be through in-depth practical work, rather than through purely classroom-based teaching. It provides an understanding of how networks function, how the military and global companies utilise modern technology, the relevance of being digitally safe, and how malicious people can leverage poor security, as well as how to defend against such threats.

All of this is taught through real life problem solving and practicals, and is exactly why I would highly recommend this course to anyone lucky enough to get the opportunity.”

His Squadron Commander, Flight Lieutenant Peter Doubell added “Cpl Stockwell is the first of our cadets to reach this level of training, but I am sure he won’t be the last. He has clearly found this to be a very valuable course and I am sure this will prompt many more applicants in the future.”

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