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One of the senior instructors at 645 Volunteer Gliding Squadron at RAF Topcliffe, Jordan Cameron has secured himself a high flying job with a successful regional airline, Loganair.

Loganair is a regional airline based at Glasgow Airport near Paisley, Scotland. In addition to its main base at Glasgow, the airline has hubs at Edinburgh Airport, Inverness Airport, Dundee Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Newcastle and Norwich Airport.

Flt Lt Jordan Cameron has successfully completed his initial training on the two engined Embraer 135 and 145 jet. He will soon be jetting off to various locations throughout Europe and the UK rather than just the skies around North Yorkshire. He finally got his hands on the £16m aircraft on Friday 16th August 2019, flying circuits at Prestwick, Glasgow. A little bit different to flying circuits in the Vigilant and Viking.

This week saw him realise his full dream when he flew with passengers for the first time to Southend, Birmingham, Belfast, Düsseldorf and Glasgow. A truly fantastic and well deserved success.

Jordan who is an ex 35 (Wetherby) sqn cadet has been one of the senior instructors with 645 VGS for a number of years. He has given so many cadets and instructors their first steps towards their cadet flying careers and in some cases their first steps towards professional flying. It’s now Jordan’s time to follow his dreams and this news has proven that if you follow your heart and passion for aviation then those dreams can be reality.

Flt Lt Jordan Cameron said “It has been a long and arduous journey for me - I don’t come from a wealthy family so going to flightschool straight after college wasn’t an option. I put all my efforts into the Air Cadets and my job. I saved every penny I could and took as many flying opportunities as I could - Now here I am. Stay focussed, work hard and take every opportunity you can within the Air Cadets. The flying training I received and now deliver is second to none and will give you a great head start, in a professional or military flying career”

He is one of many instructors to progress to become a commercial pilot with airlines. Instructors have gone on to fly for Easyjet, Jet2, CityJet, Cathay Pacific and now Loganair. This shows that the level of training provided to our instructors and the quality of flying our instructors demonstrate is of high standards and quality.

Sqn Ldr Aaron O’Roarty said “All of the instructors, staff and staff cadets at 645 VGS would like to take this opportunity to say well done and congratulations to him. We are very proud of him and wish him the very best of luck as it is exciting times ahead”.

We wish Jordan every success with his new career. He will remain as an instructor with 645 VGS at RAF Topcliffe.

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