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Following on from our post yesterday about SGT Todd from Cherster-le-Street squadron, we learned today that another North Region Cadet is heading for Welbeck.

This marks a lot of hard work to secure a place at this prestigious college and competition is tough nationally to be admitted.

Welbeck offers a first class sixth form education along with military training. Upon completing their A-Levels at Welbeck students progress on to read a technical degree at one of seven universities, where they receive an annual technical bursary of £4,000. They will then go on to Initial Officer Training before progressing on to a career as a Technical Officer or Engineer within the Armed Forces or MOD.

This week sees many of our cadets embarking on new college and university adventures.

That’s the case for Cpl Nathan Homer of 143 (Longridge) Squadron. Fresh back from an exciting week at National Aerospace Camp, Cpl Homer is travelling today to take up a prestigious place at Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College.

Nathan will be studying A Levels at the college under the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme as the first stage of his RAF career, ultimately to become an engineering officer.

This year is the last ever intake into Welbeck DSFC unfortunately, so Cpl Homer is committed to making the most of every moment.

His next time at home will be a long weekend in three weeks time where he’s already planning a day climbing with his Squadron buddies.

143 Sqn wish all best wishes to Cpl Homer and to several other members of the squadron also taking on new courses over the next few weeks.

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