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1053 (Armthorpe) Squadron RAF Air Cadets has today been given it's new 'official' crest from the 'College of Arms'. The crest took over 18 months to create and incorporates elements of Armthorpe's history. The blazon (official description in heraldic language) is: In front of a Roundel Ermine with two Bars Gules a Winged Viking Helmet. The Motto is 'ONWARDS AND UPWARDS'. The ermine roundel with the two red bands alludes to the Arms of the Warterton family which once held lands at Armthorpe, and a member of the family served as Master of the Horse to King Henry V. The winged Viking helmet refers to the Viking settlement in the area during the ninth and early tenth centuries. The new crest will come into effect immediately with an official presentation taking place early next year. Commandant Air Cadets Warrant Officer Commandant Air Cadets South & West Yorkshire Wing North Region - Royal Air Force Air Cadets Royal Air Force Air Cadets 

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